Industry 4.0

4.0 is the latest industrial revolution, where the IoT and the cloud computing paradigms meet the factories. The IoT technologies have evolved so much in the last years that most professional sectors have been forced to join the movement. Banking, logistics, retail and transport have found in the IoT the way to fill their needs of sensorization, interoperability, data availability and decentralization. True that IoT has typically been associated to Smart Cities but the reality is that IoT and cloud computing are finding their niche mainly in professional sectors.

Manufacturing and processing industries were a case apart. This area has been typically dominated by big automation companies providing robust and powerful M2M technologies. However they were obviating some of the best advances introduced by the IoT era.


Managing data in the cloud coming from heterogeneous systems is by far the easiest way to make these systems interact between them, regardless of where these systems are located. Moreover, HTTP and MQTT protocols can simplify this process to the maximum. PanStamp has a long experience in designing IP gateways and sending data to the cloud from almost any kind of automation server/bus.

Remote monitoring and control

Once in the cloud, creating new graphical views, controls and reports becomes an easy task. Software development can easily become the highest economical cost in an industrial automation project. Cloud computing and IoT can significantly reduce this expense. PanStamp and iNUBO are specialized in this area and can come with a graphical solution in a matter of weeks, thanks to our flexible frameworks and open API’s.

First centralize, then decentralize

Once in the cloud, companies can exploit the information using very different strategies and from anywhere. Generating custom reports and views for each company department is one of the services with higher demand by our customers

Easy corporate software integration

Since ERP’s, CMS’s and BMS’ are often located in the cloud, integrating into these applications from our industrial IoT ecosystems becomes easier than ever. PanStamp and iNUBO typically complete software integrations at half the cost of other companies following classic techniques.

Our hardware and software solutions strongly follow the Industry 4.0 concept. We have more than ten years of experience working with very diverse industrial companies and providing IoT products and services for them. Our qualities, prices and delivery times are simply unbeatable. If you want to bring your factory to the next level of modernity then please contact us. We will be able to provide you with a quick technical and economic estimation.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Rapid adaptation of our wireless solutions to work and coexist in your existing industrial plants and enrich your automation processes.

Industrial IP gateways

Connect your existing M2M buses and servers to the cloud and make them perform as any other source of IoT information.

Custom user interfaces

Create custom graphical controls and apps for your production and maintenance teams.

Alert generation

Generate alerts based on heterogeneous M2M information.

Corporate integrations

Integrate with your existing corporate applications, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BMS (Building Management System).

Automatic report generation

Generate periodic reports customized for each department.

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